Transformative Impact of MINT TMS on Air Traffic Control Training

About Skyguide

Skyguide manages air traffic in Switzerland and neighboring regions, guiding civil and military flights with 1,500 professionals at 14 locations. They prioritize innovation and reliable partnerships to contribute to Switzerland’s attractiveness for living, working, and business.



The increase in training demand, an expanding and more complex training infrastructure, and the lack of a digital compliance management system forced Skyguide to find solutions for the future training resource management. The aim was to find a partner who could offer a flexible, efficient, and powerful product that covers all needs in one.


In 2008 the decision was taken to collaborate with MINT to implement an all-in-one compliance and training management system. The MINT solution fulfilled also all (FOCA) Federal Office of Civil Aviation compliance standards, and was a milestone for innovative, efficient, and future oriented training management within Skyguide.

  • Fully integrated compliance and competence management
  • Flexible and automated resource management and scheduling¬†
  • Automated sign-off process and record storage
  • Resource demand and utilization management
  • Real time data visualization management and exchange


Increased Work Efficiency with automated and standardized planning and resource management processes.

Process Compliance with national and international regulatory requirements and FOCA standards.

Flexibility and Transparency due to well organized permission management and customized system access.

Improved Data Quality by reducing manual inputs and the use of interfaces with internal and external subsystems.

Cost Efficiency due to automated processes and possibility to extract data to optimize the work process.


“With MINT we have found a partner who understands our needs and is committed to pragmatic solutions. The cooperation with our teams and the solution-oriented attitude leads to a constant improvement of the system and our work processes. We greatly appreciate the personal contact with our partners at MINT.”

Stephan Zweiacker

Head of Training Support