Core Features

Scheduling & Optimization

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its unique sched­ul­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The so­lu­tion han­dles all stages of plan­ning and au­to­mated sched­ul­ing flaw­lessly. Even the most com­plex train­ing sched­ules can be gen­er­ated while re­spect­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions, avail­abil­ity and cor­po­rate work rules.


Qualification Management

The unique and flex­i­ble de­sign of MINT en­ables record keepers to keep track of var­i­ous types of re­source qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Sim­ple and easy to use data-setup and edit­ing func­tion­al­i­ties keep all records ac­ces­si­ble and ed­itable at any time.



FORMS & E-Grading

Create and design your own forms and grade sheets in a fully flexible manner from a library of components, for various purposes of data collection, to be performed online or offline.

Reporting & analysis

MINT combines flexible reporting and feature-rich design capabilities, which allow you to run advanced queries, apply robust filtering options, and, at the same time, control the look and style of report content.

Workflows & notifications

Creating and maintaining certain workflows and notifications within an organization is essential. MINT saves time, assures connectivity and keeps the entire training department in the loop – and the planners are always sure who will conduct what training session and when.


Costs Management

Manage costs of specific resources, travel costs, prices of your courses, and training agreements with external customers, all in one tool.



Work Rules

Create time-related workrules (Day Off, Duty Time, Work Time, Rest Time, and Break Time) and business workrules that manage the resource schedule by restricting it to the conditions defined in the work rule configuration.


User Management & Security

MINT offers a comprehensive user management system with rule-based data access configuration. You can create users and user groups and manage permissions at user and user group level.


MINT offers a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to integrate external systems and which is also used internally by its own modules.

Add-On Features

Identity management

The Iden­tity Man­age­ment Add-On makes life a lot eas­ier. It’s all about re­mem­ber­ing fewer pass­words and re­duc­ing help desk costs while not com­pro­mis­ing se­cu­rity.

learning management

The Learning Management add-on empowers training organizations to schedule and perform, evaluate and store online trainings and trainee data within one single tool.

calendar sync

The Calendar Sync add-on connects the schedule created in MINT with the calendars e.g. in MS Outlook, on iPhones, iPads and all other devices that are linked to MS Exchange or support connection to internet calendars.

Connector Add-On for CrewManager / CrewControl

We have partnered with Sabre Airline Solutions to provide a standard “out-of the-box” integration between MINT TMS and their crew management platforms, Sabre AirCentre Crew Manager and Sabre AirCentre Crew Control. With the MINT-Sabre Connector Add-on, crew data, activities/assignments, and crew qualifications are syncronized in real-time – triggered by change-events on both sides – allowing  planning staff to work on future schedules while having full visibility into the crew members current work assignments.

Sabre AirCentre Crew Manager is the industry’s first next-generation, crew-management platform built with a wide range of sophisticated capabilities. It offers industry-leading crew-schedule planning and optimization technology integrated with the crew-tracking application. It also includes several capabilities for a wide range of day-of-ops, post-ops and crew-administration tasks such as crew training, legality and documentation, pay, vacation bidding and schedule management. For more info on Sabre’s crew management solutions, click here.