Level up

MINT TMS provides effective resource planning, data collection, and analytics to measure and improve your training organization across all areas.

Ultimate solution to manage the entire training cycle

Main Features

Records & Qualification Management

The configurable design of MINT enables record keepers to keep track of and update various types of training resources and qualifications at any time.

Electronic Forms & Grading

Design electronic training forms from a library of components, for various purposes of data collection, to be performed online or offline.

Curriculum Management

MINT provides the tools you need to create training footprints and manage, evaluate, and improve student learning.

Scheduling & Optimization

MINT han­dles all stages of training plan­ning and au­to­mated sched­ul­ing, while re­spect­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions, avail­abil­ity, and cor­po­rate work rules.


MINT combines flexible reporting & design capabilities, enabling advanced queries on all the available data in the system and controls the look of the report content.

Administration & Security

MINT offers a user management system with role-based access configuration. Create users and user groups and manage their access at either level.


Calendar Sync

Connects the MINT schedule with external calendars (e.g. in MS Outlook).

Identity Management

Provides external authentication when logging into MINT. Remember fewer passwords without compromising security.

Learning Management

Launches online (computer-based), LMS trainings and collects trainee data within one tool.

Pilot Records Database

Automate and streamline the data submission of training, qualification, and proficiency records.

Records & Qualification Management

Keep track of everyone & everything

Depict your company structure and manage all of your training resources (human or physical) in one place. Easily define and update details for resources and ensure proper auditing.


Manage all types of records

The configurable design of MINT enables record keepers to keep track of and update various types of qualifications at any time.


Stay compliant

MINT au­to­mat­i­cally tracks all employee records, li­cense due dates, and re­newal pe­ri­ods. Vi­sual alerts and au­to­matic no­ti­fi­ca­tions can be ren­dered in the MINT Gantt overview.

Digital archive

Paper-free data stor­age be­comes a re­al­ity, as any kind of cer­tifi­cate can be stored and linked to each in­di­vid­ual in the records archive.

Electronic Forms & Grading


Create & design your own forms

With our FormBuilder, electronic training forms can be built from a library of components, using drag & drop.

Grade on the go

Online or offline – electronic evaluation forms are delivered to the examiner on their laptop or tablet/mobile device in real-time. Let the data collection process begin!

Ensure accuracy

MINT increases the quality of evaluation data collected with by repopulating event details and fields for individual input. Flexible grade scales and dynamic reason codes enforce accurate data capture.

Collect valuable feedback

Trainee feed­back can help im­prove your training department/instructor ser­vices and over­all train­ing qual­ity. You can create feed­back forms (regular or anonymous) that are sent automatically upon training completion.

Curriculum Management


Flexible curriculum design

All necessary curriculum components and their details connect in MINT, making it easy to build courses for all types of training events.

You make the rules

Rules can be set up per each curriculum to determine required, qualified resources and to define which training information will be stored in the training history.

Continue to improve

Use MINT reporting to evaluate training performance to find trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Scheduling & Optimization

Paper free & Excel free

Planning tasks that used to take days or even weeks on paper, can be accomplished in MINT with a few clicks. Scheduling can be automated, or you can make manual adjustments if needed.

Optimized scheduling

MINT optimizes training schedules by considering business rules, preferences, and constraints. Cost-based scheduling selects resources based on the less expensive scenario (e.g. resource cost plus travel cost).


Conflict checks & alerts

Schedules are automatically checked for conflicts or errors (e.g. valid qualifications, work rule compliance, and that all requirements are met). The system will alert planners visually of any issues.


Avoid rule breaking

Define availability limitations for your employees through work rules (e.g. Days Off, Duty Time, Work Time) & work patterns.

Forecast ahead

MINT helps visualize your training volumes to optimize planning and future staffing effort. Then, the system will keep track of qualifications and automatically calculate when trainings are due.


Let data lead the way

With MINT’s powerful ReportBuilder, you can create your own custom reports and get instant access to training data. The built-in ReportBuilder includes a query editor and a drag-and-drop design experience.


Put your best work forward

MINT combines flexible reporting & design capabilities, which enables advanced queries on all the available data in the system and controls the look of the report content.

Visualize trends

Break down trends in your training data or analyze objective-level details to see which underlying factors drive training performance.

Info on-demand

Access reports anytime, anywhere from your tablet or any other mobile device with an internet connection.

Export your finds

Download reports in a variety of formats (PDF, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, and more).

Administration & Security

Flexible user management

MINT offers a user management system with a role-based access configuration. Create users and user groups and manage their access at either level.


Fine-grained permissions

Permissions can be granted to an entire user group or individual users. These permissions define if a user is allowed to access or edit data.


To secure your data and avoid vulnerabilities, MINT is designed with 3 layers (the database, the application server, and the web server).

Secured connection, always

Connections over the internet and to the web server are SSL-Encrypted.

Software as a Service

To provide a streamlined service, MINT TMS is offered as SaaS, offering a guaranteed up-time and providing the required server administration and database infrastructure.

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