JetBlue Airways Transforms Training Management with MINT TMS

About JetBlue

JetBlue Airways, a prominent player in North American, South American, and Caribbean markets, has expanded its operations significantly since its inception. With a fleet of 285 aircraft serving over 100 destinations and a workforce of 21,000 crew members across various departments, JetBlue relies on innovation and efficiency to maintain its competitive edge.



JetBlue’s rapid growth exposed issues with outdated training, record-keeping, and AQP database systems. The existing architecture couldn’t keep up, hampering innovation. JetBlue aimed to integrate functions, streamline records, and automate processes for all workgroups.


In 2015, JetBlue teamed up with MINT Software Systems to implement their Training Management System (TMS), streamlining internal processes and ensuring compliance with FAA standards. MINT’s practical and adaptable solution closely matched JetBlue’s specific requirements.

  • Integrated records, AQP, and scheduling compliance
  • Tools for cost-effective training demand optimization
  • Flexible scheduling for efficient instructor utilization
  • Customizable features for process improvement
  • Direct connection to FAA’s PRD for streamlined reporting


Enhanced Operational Efficiency with streamlined training and reduced administrative burdens.

Cost Controls with features for accurate estimation and management of training expenses, optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Scalability to support JetBlue’s growth seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations and training management.

Flexibility and customization of personnel scheduling tailored to evolving needs for wokgroups and operational requirements.

Compliance with regulatory standards set by FAA, minimizing the risk of penalties and fines.


“With MINT it’s more than just a software agreement,” explains JetBlue’s Manager of Flight Training Services. “We’ve found a true partner who collaborates with our team to uncover opportunities for using the TMS to enhance our operations and tackle challenges head-on. It’s a genuine partnership.”