Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does MINT do?

MINT TMS is a proven Training, Resource and Qualification Management System, used by more than 65 customers from all over the globe. They use MINT as a reliable tool to plan, optimize and measure the training and career progress and the actual records of their employees. Many of these companies also use MINT as a record keeping and compliance management solution. MINT customers benefit from the effective tools for training analytics, helping them to streamline their training to make it more time and cost efficient and more secure.

What are the advantages of MINT SaaS?

  • Affordability – Unlike traditional on-premise software, MINT SaaS is offered on a subscription basis that includes storage and free access to technical support.
  • Easy access – From Montreal to Monte Carlo, users can access their information as long as they have an Internet connection. For frequent fliers and road warriors, the ability to access information on the go can make a difference in whether an qualification renewal gets sent and signed today or tomorrow.
  • Scalability – It is easy to expand the number of users and features as the company grows, without investing in server capacity and expensive hardware. Simply adjust your license agreement.
  • Time – As the saying goes, “time is money” and MINT SaaS can save both through easy installation and easy support. Your IT department saves time on internal maintenance since MINT takes responsibility.
  • One system – Never have to search for a document or scramble around in filing cabinets again, because all employee records and other documents can be stored in a single system that can be accessed from everywhere.
  • Security – Your company’s confidential information is safe in MINT SaaS. It is our job to perform backups to give you peace of mind. With MINT, access to sensitive documents can be restricted, ensuring that only those who have required user permissions are granted access.
  • Compatibility – Changing from one version of software to another is easy with SaaS, MINT takes care of all the hassle.
  • MINT SaaS reduces the need for IT staff – Instead of establishing an IT department for support, maintenance, security, and license management, MINT takes care of all of it.

Can MINT integrate with other systems?

The Oracle RDBMS and MINT Application Programming Interface (API) enables MINT TMS to be easily extended and integrated with other systems. The use of industry standards and future-proof technologies enable the training organization to fit the system precisely into its existing and future IT architecture.

Can MINT be used by non-aviation training organizations?

MINT TMS can be used by any company with the need to manage employee qualifications and plan the related training and to evaluate trainee performance. The high level of flexibility for configuration and setup of the software would allow for the effective administration of any training in any industry. Although MINT has most of its customers in the aviation industry, a few non-aviation customers have also decided to use MINT to support their business with great success.

How is MINT installed?

MINT TMS is offered as SaaS (MINT hosted) solution. We are an official and certified partner of AWS (Amazon Web Services), and today more than 70% of our customers chose the MINT SaaS deployment for their MINT training management system. A few military customers are operating their MINT system from a locally hosted database. On request, this option is available for non-military customers too, however, we recommend the SaaS deployment to benefit from our 24/7 database monitoring and increased MINT support.

How much does MINT cost?

MINT TMS has been designed and priced to fit appropriately to the needs of training operators and providers of all sizes.

MINT TMS is typically delivered as SaaS (MINT hosted) option. A recurrent access fee is then paid, covering support, hosting and system updates/upgrades. The implementation fee covers the initial system setup, personnel training and consulting services.

Please contact our sales department for a quote here.

Can we get a trial of the software?

MINT TMS is highly adaptable and configurable and “lives” through it’s customer individual setup and data. We are happy to provide system presentations with typically real-world example data setup, either via the web, or onsite at your installations. In some cases, we have also granted interested customers access to sample environments. Please get in touch with our sales department, by filling out the form above, to coordinate your MINT demonstration.

Pricing Questions

What is a Resource?

A resource represents a human or physical entity being managed in the MINT system. For example, your employees (such as: instructors, examiners, trainees, etc.) and facilities (such as: classrooms, meeting rooms, simulators, training devices) that need to be scheduled, tracked, reported and accounted for within MINT.

What is the usual billing cycle?

Annual prepayment for SaaS subscription. Initial term is 3 years. 

What if i exceed the number of resources I've estimated?

MINT’s annual pricing option is based on the estimated number of resources managed per year. The annual period for resources starts from the first billing date. If you exceed the annual number of resources you estimated, the additional resources (overage) will be charged at MINT’s standard rate.

Is MINT pricing tiered or at a flat rate?

Our resource pricing is tiered, so the more you need, the cheaper it gets.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Yes, a  3-year SaaS agreement must be signed.

Can I add more resources as my training business grows?

Yes, you definitely can. We find a majority of our customers end up adding more users and resources as MINT helps you better manage your training across all departments.

What if i want to cancel?

If you have paid annually for the ‘fixed annual price’ this is non-refundable.  Note that annual, fixed term contacts, automatically rollover at the end of the contract period unless a cancellation notice has been sent 30 days prior to the contract end date.

Implementation Questions

Why is implementation & Training required?

MINT TMS isn’t a “plug & play” software, it will transform and digitize your training operation. You may need to adapt to new ways of doing things and change isn’t always easy.

Your team will have plenty of questions during the implementation stages, and our consultative customer delivery team will be here to guide you through this process. We want you and your team to be set up for success.

We’ll work with you to understand your workflows and processes and make recommendations on how these can be achieved using best practices in MINT.


This depends on a number of things such as your processes and training requirements, and system integration needs. We’ll provide you with the tools needed to get going on your own as soon as you can. Some customers are up and running within a couple of months of starting their set-up, and others prefer to take their time working through the adoption of MINT with our customer delivery team.

The implementation of MINT will be catered to the exact functional and technical requirements of your operation. A detailed project plan will describe all phases and milestones of the implementation, which total length can vary from a few to several months, depending on the scope of your project. Please contact our sales department for further analysis and a detailed proposal here.

What happens after Implementation?

Your support doesn’t stop after implementation. Our experienced support team will monitor the health of your MINT system and help out if issues arise or to assist with your configuration questions.

How do I purchase additional training or professional services?

You can purchase on demand training and find more information about any of our professional services by contacting your account manager or our support team.

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