Not just a software company

MINT is a collection of individuals that uphold our values, dedication to constant improvement, and take care of our customers around the clock.

Jörg Latteier

CEO & Co-Founder

Christian Hollmann


Wolfgang Becker

CEO MINT Middle East

Klaus Schmidt-Klyk

Business Consultant

Beate Böhm

Teamleader Accounting

Frank Vieira Hugger

Director of Sales & Marketing

Sebastian Gebhardt

Product Owner

Erich Paul

Software Architect

Nick Denton

Product Manager

Lenny Bowen

Technical Support Operations Teamleader

Hadi Majzoub

Technical Support Operations Deputy Teamleader

Christoph Holst

Key Account Deputy Lead

Ihsan Raharjo

Key Account Project Manager

Juan Francisco Gomez

Key Account Project Manager

Kenneth Blakley

Key Account Project Manager

Marianne O'Connor

Key Account Project Manager

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