Fully Digital Signatures for Operational Safety and Efficiency

About SR Technics


SR Technics is a world leading MRO Service provider for aircraft, engines and components along with engineering services and training. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with over 90 years of operational experience. SR Technics’ Solutions are tailored to fit all needs of airlines, aircraft leasing companies, OEMs or component trading companies.




SR Technics continuously strives to enhance its operations. The traditional system of issuing paper certificates had become outdated – sending physical certificates worldwide is both time-consuming and costly. Moreover, manual signing and filing have led to unnecessary delays.



To address the challenges of traditional certificate handling, SR Technics partnered with MINT to develop an EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency)
approved Fully Digital Signature solution. This innovative system facilitates the digital creation, signing, and filing of certificates, seamlessly integrating into their workflows. It eradicates the necessity for physical certificates providing the flexibility of on-demand printing. Now, certificates can be generated, signed, and filed in just 3 minutes – a significant enhancement compared to the days-long manual process previously required.


Digital Signature

for Certificates



Efficiency Boosts. The Fully Digital Signature solution significantly streamlines SR Technics certificate management process, cutting down the time from days to just 3 minutes and achieving unparalleled operational efficiency.

Cost Savings. By eliminating the need for physical certificates and optimizing workflows, the solution drastically reduces printing and mailing expenses, resulting in substantial cost savings for the company. 

Flexibility and Accessibility. The ability for on-demand printing grants unprecedented flexibility, enabling generation, signing, and filing of certificates as needed. This enhances their ability to meet critical deadlines with improved accessibility and responsiveness.

“MINT’s Fully Digital Signature solution has optimized our certificate management, aligning with our philosophy of continuous improvement. It has significantly reduced costs and expedited the processing of certificates, meeting our expectation and boosting operational efficiency.”