Why You Need to Send Your Team to UCON 2023

As a team leader, you want your team to be highly skilled and knowledgeable while working with MINT TMS. To achieve this goal, consider sending them to MINT UCON 2023. Our user conference, held every two years, provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest features and breakthrough solutions for Aviation Training Management Systems and best practices for their businesses. 

MINT UCON 2023 is an ideal platform for hands-on learning, peer-to-peer discussions, and networking. Attendees can interact with industry experts who share their insights and experiences. In short, it’s a brain buffet! 

Besides providing valuable learning opportunities, attending conferences like MINT UCON can boost team morale and motivation. Investing in your team’s growth and development shows that you care about their professional advancement and job satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to better work outcomes. 

Are you concerned about the cost? The registration fees for MINT UCON 2023 include accommodation and all meals, which means there are no surprises. To further illustrate the value of attending the conference, let’s break down the cost and offset it with the tangible benefits of the workshop training. 

Example: The Premium package (5 days/4 nights) represents staying for all of UCON and leaving the afternoon/evening the conference ends. For customers that want to leave the next day or have a long way to travel home, you can book for 6 days/5 nights. 

* All fees are subject to VAT for German customers only 

For example, Premium Complete with workshop 6 days/5 nights registered before April 15.

The values proposition leaves no doubt – you can’t afford not to send your team members 😊  

Airfare will certainly not change the positive net value of attending MINT UCON 2023.  

Bottom line? Sending your team to MINT UCON is a smart move.  

They’ll learn and grow professionally, which is a win for everyone. 

On behalf of the MINT family, we hope to see you and your team members at UCON 2023!  

Click here to learn more about this year’s UCON.