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MINT Features

Records & Qualification Management

The unique and flex­i­ble de­sign of MINT en­ables record keepers to keep track of var­i­ous types of re­sources & all their qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Sim­ple and easy to use data-setup and edit­ing func­tion­al­i­ties keep all records ac­ces­si­ble and ed­itable at any time.

Electronic Forms & Grading

Create and design your own electronic forms and grade sheets in a fully flexible manner from a library of components, for various purposes of data collection, to be performed online or offline.

Curriculum Management

MINT provides the tools you need to manage what students are expected to learn, evaluate whether or not it was learned, and visibility to improve student learning.

Scheduling & Optimization

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its unique sched­ul­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The so­lu­tion han­dles all stages of plan­ning and au­to­mated sched­ul­ing flaw­lessly. Even the most com­plex train­ing sched­ules can be gen­er­ated while re­spect­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions, avail­abil­ity and cor­po­rate work rules.


MINT combines flexible reporting and feature-rich design capabilities, which allow you to run advanced queries, apply robust filtering options, and, at the same time, control the look and style of report content.

Administration & Security

MINT offers a comprehensive user management system with role-based data access configuration. You can create users and user groups and manage permissions at user and user group level.

Who uses MINT?

“We are very happy to have found MINT as a reliable partner that is capable to provide our new training management solution to the whole Avianca Holdings group, allowing us to have all our training and records management standards in one software solution. MINT’s outstanding training optimization and data management capabilities will give us a great advantage ahead of our competition, as we will be able to educate our pilots in the most effective way and therefore can continue to provide a safe and reliable product to our customers.”

“MINT provides a single platform for our scheduling, record keeping and data needs while remaining scalable for JetBlue’s future growth. In MINT, we found a vendor that went beyond a simple software usage agreement. MINT is working with us to also identify areas where we could leverage the TMS to improve business processes and solve other problems – this is a real partnership.”

“What we’ve gotten more than anything is the ability to manage what we’re doing. Before MINT, we were chasing grade folders all over the country. Quite literally. We were constantly battling missing folders or incorrectly filled out forms that go back to another city to be filled out correctly. Now, all forms are filled out correctly or they are unable to be submitted…All in all the biggest gain from MINT is being organized and able to report on what you have and how you are doing. The degree in which you save ($) will be a function of what your contracts let you do and what you are willing to as a management team, but without a clear picture to start with, you don’t have a fighting chance.”

“MINT TMS was a huge advantage and steppingstone for us when implemented into our systems and still is. All specifications of local and international aviation authorities such as instructor qualifications, classroom configurations and technical facilities can be stored in the MINT TMS database. Everything is respected by the system when doing an automatic scheduling run or manual planning.”

“MINT’s customer service is characterized through people who personally care for our inquiries.

We feel the improvement in quality and processes as MINT TMS brings facts and figures to the surface that had simply not been visible before. This finally means that users can take a lot more from the data pool and spend their time now on reports and strategically important evaluations which lead to reliable and consistent planning and new quality levels in our training offerings.”

“We were looking for a powerful and at the same time flexible training and qualifications management solution and with MINT TMS we have found it. With MINT TMS we will be able to increase the effectiveness of the entire training organization while supporting the continuous growth of our airline.”

“Capacity planning would be possible in many IT systems. However, due to the specific requirements of aviation, it’s better to have a software with aviation background like MINT.”

“MINT is an application that stands out by its user-friendly design, tools and yet matches all complex requirements regarding staff planning and capacity overview.”

“MINT TMS is the perfect fit for our electronic training program and records management needs. MINT ensures that all our pilots, flight attendants, and dispatchers are always up to date with their qualifications and requirements.”

“We were looking for a contemporary qualification, training management solution to replace our legacy systems, and MINT TMS in combination with the service package offered by our new partners at MINT Software Systems was the correct choice.”

“We have started building our internal processes beginning from zero. To support our rapidly expanding operations, we looked for the most reliable and scalable training management software to support our enterprise-wide training requirements. We wanted to partner with a software provider who offers flexibility and a positive attitude that supports our mission of becoming the ‘friendliest airline.’ With MINT, we have found both.”

“Our mission is to deliver a superior product and customer service environment. MINT Software Systems and their fantastic software provide us all the tools that we need to support our mission from the flight and ground crew training point of view.”

“Our business experts have evaluated the available training management systems on the market very carefully and have selected the German-made software MINT TMS as an excellent platform for the future support of our growing business.”

“MINT TMS will effectively support the entire management of our diverse engineering training portfolio. This software supports us in even the most complex scheduling processes and in the creation of reliable and audit-save documents and reports as required by the Dutch aviation authorities.”

“The modern and scalable training management software MINT TMS will be a great enhancement for our crew training program. We were looking for the most powerful, and at the same time, flexible qualification, training, and resource management solution available on the market, and the decision to select the services and the people at MINT is the correct decision.”

“MINT stood out as a powerful and flexible training and qualifications management solution. We look forward to further increasing the effectiveness and readiness of our entire training organization to support the growth Hawaiian Airlines has set for the coming years.”

“With MINT TMS, we will be able to increase further the effectiveness and readiness of the entire training organization to support the extensive fleet expansion plans Turkish Airlines has set for the coming years.”

“We were looking for a modern, flexible, and yet powerful AQP data and qualification management solution. By implementing MINT TMS, we will be able to efficiently support our AQP training program as Air Canada continues to expand.”

“Our flight training department had asked for the best reliable and future-proof training management system available on the market, and with MINT TMS, we have found the answer to our requirements. MINT TMS will support the training and qualification management of our flight crew and the current fleet restructuring, including training new crews and transitioning our current crewmembers to new aircraft types. MINT TMS is going to be the backbone of this complex operation and the challenges that our airline is facing as we double in size.”

“Our customer base was growing extensively during the past years, and we were looking to enhance the effectiveness of our simulator training operations. We were looking for a modern, web-based, and highly configurable training planning and qualifications management platform. MINT will replace some of our legacy tools and will help to significantly increase the effectiveness and readiness of our entire training organization.”

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