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Office in Germany

Steekberg 6

24107 Kiel, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 431 530215-0


The closest international Airport near Kiel is Hamburg. To plan the transportation between Hamburg and Kiel, you have the following options (plan approx. 90 minutes travel time):

Exclusive Limousine service (one way € 75.00), please book via: +49 431-77080

KielExx — a shuttle service (shared with other travelers, one way starts at € 30.40), which connects Hamburg Airport and any address in Kiel. If you choose to travel by Kielexx, it is strongly recommended to reserve a seat by phone at +49 431-77080.

Kielius — a scheduled coach service (one way from € 20.00) between Hamburg Airport and the Central Bus Station in Kiel. The coach service doesn’t require a reservation, but also doesn’t bring you all the way to your destination in Kiel. It is possible to order a taxi for the connection between main station and your final destination, just ask the bus dri-ver to order the taxi for you.

KielExx and Kielius both depart at Hamburg Airport Arrival Level between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Rental Car Services — In Terminal 2, Arrival Level, you will find 7 rental car companies offering their services.

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Office in United States

5955 T G Lee Boulevard

32822 Orlando, FL, USA

Phone: +1 (407)-601-5740


Our office located in Orlando is only a short drive from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). See directions.

Ground Transportation (Rental Car/Taxi Services) — Located in Main Terminal, A Side, Level 1