UCON 2023 Customer Spotlights

We are excited to announce that the upcoming UCON 2023 conference is just around the corner, and we want to share some details about the presentations that you can expect from MINT customers.

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Antti Toivanen

Evidence-Based Training (EBT) Implementation with MINT TMS
Finnair will talk about how they successfully transitioned to EBT baseline with the help of MINT TMS. Discover how this massive change in training philosophy not only revamped training management and planning processes but also automated daily training tasks and processes. Learn how MINT TMS supported Finnair’s Mixed Fleet Flying (MFF) and Single Fleet Flying (SFF) crew training processes during the implementation and the lessons learned after 1.5 years of EBT baseline operations. 

Automating Conditional Email Notifications with MINT TMS
In this presentation, Finnair will share how they have transitioned from manual daily training reports to automated conditional notifications, which notify when tasks are not performed or completed as planned. This has saved time and provided timely notifications for training planners to address anomalies in training processes. Automated data checks have helped to identify errors in training planning and records. 


Chuck Hagan

Using Event Handlers to Manage Qualification Tracking & Documentation
FTI will share how they reduced overhead during COVID-19 by automating qualification currency expiration notifications and creating autogenerated reports that are routed by event handlers. Instructors now receive multiple automatic notifications of pending expiries, and once complete, forms are re-created as a report with a date-time stamp and digital signature, saving considerable amounts of time.


Donald Eastlake IV

The Lifecycle of a Qualification
Learn from JetBlue’s experience and expertise in utilizing all available tools and features within the MINT system to effectively manage employee training and qualifications. They will showcase how they streamline the process from initial training to managing recurrent training and deactivation. During the session, they will cover scheduling trainees into classes, assigning training plans, approving completed plans, managing recurrent training, and deactivation.

TJ Rolland

Scheduling Training at JetBlue #1
JetBlue will share how they use training plans to assign initial qualifications, which introduced several manual steps. The scheduling team assigns training plans, the Records team performs validations and approvals, and the Records team deactivates a qualification. Using out-of-the-box functionality in MINT, they have been able to implement automation at each of these steps, making the entire process more efficient and removing any possibility of human error.

Scheduling Training at JetBlue #2
Learn how to maintain a consistent schedule and work-life balance for your instructor group by using continuities in combination with an AM/PM preference system. This system ensures that instructors remain qualified for all events while MINT schedules them according to their preferred shift. Say goodbye to the stress of unpredictable schedules and hello to a more balanced work-life for your instructors. 


Katie Tipton-Brewer

Comparing and Contrasting Our Current System vs MINT During Daily Operations
PSA will talk about the differences between their current operations system and MINT, and how utilizing different tools in MINT can make a difference. They have discovered tricks and capabilities of MINT that are not available in the current system, especially in the areas of scheduling and Training Tracking. They will share the pros and cons of both systems and see how MINT can make daily operations easier.


Thomas Jobs

Integrate MINT Course Data to GEMS Examination System
Discover how SAS’s overcame challenges, such as field mismatches, by utilizing webservices as crone jobs, as an innovative way to integrate MINT course data with the GEMS examination system!  Learn about the process their maintenance training examiners use to access GEMS and print examination papers, as well as how answer sheets are scanned and updated in the database. They’ll also share how their internal process ensures all exams have been taken and passed before issuing Certificates of Recognition.

Manual Import of Staff Data, Locations, and Organizations to MINT
SAS’s will share their innovative approach to resource management in MINT. SAS resolved its
MINT database inaccuracies by manually managing its resources database through a weekly import process. SAS will share their solution and steps to import resources and how to format data automatically with Excel Power Query. Learn from SAS’s experience and apply this approach in your own organization. 


Andreas Gachnang

Training Management – Automating Infrastructure Based on MINT data
Discover how Skyguide is utilizing automation to optimize training management and streamline resource utilization at UCON 2023. Learn about the benefits of automation for training programs and resource management, including energy savings and less wear and tear on equipment. Skyguide will share their experience and future plans for automations based on MINT data as well as valuable insights o how to take your own training management to the next level.

Stephan Zweiacker

Training Management – Managing Complex Projects & Resources
Skyguide, Switzerland’s air navigation service provider, has revolutionized their training and compliance management with solutions from MINT. You will hear from Skyguide academy, the internal training organization responsible for the competence development of all employees, as they discuss how they use the MINT TMS to seamlessly plan and coordinate resources for complex training events. Learn how the platform enables secure and efficient data exchange between different systems, and how an open architecture allows for quick adaptation to changing needs. 


Ilmars Cirulis

Leveraging Automation and FormBuilder Features in MINT TMS
This presentation by SmartLynx will cover content on automation and behaviors in MINT, including the use of radio buttons, automatic report generation, and database storage. They will also cover the combination of form builder elements for tailored training and the distribution of instructor feedback to trainees. Learn how to make your training process more efficient and error-free.