Team Members

Giancarlo Ramos

Business Development Manager

Giancarlo joined MINT in February 2016 as a Key Account Project Manager and operates from our Orlando office. In July 2018, he transitioned into his current position as Business Development Manager under the Sales and Marketing team. Giancarlo began in the aviation industry at a very young age of 18, working for JetBlue Airways, while completing his studies in Marketing and Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. During the four years spent at JetBlue, he had the opportunity to work in many different areas of the operation, including being a Customer Service Lead at the Orlando International Airport and Training Records Specialist at the JetBlue University. Giancarlo enjoys traveling, fitness, and spending time with family and friends during his off time.

Other Team Members

Jörg Latteier

Managing Director

Christian Hollmann

Vice President

Frank Vieira Hugger

Director of Sales & Marketing

Klaus Schmidt-Klyk

Business Consultant