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Resource Management

Pro Pro+ Premium
Manage human resources

(e.g. instructors, trainees, freelancers, contractors, administrative staff)

Manage physical resources

(e.g. classrooms, simulators, meeting rooms)

Custom fields for resources to track other info

(e.g. name, birth date, hire date, contact details, passport information)

Attach documents to resources

(e.g. passport, visa)

Filter & search resources by any field

Records & Qualification Management

Pro Pro+ Premium
Manage records/qualifications for skills or competency for resources
Track any type of qualification
Maintain full history of all records
Define rules for recurrent training & continuation training
Flexible configuration options for offset periods, cycles, early and late grace
Maintain records & copy of all certificates issued
Attach documents to resource records

(e.g. license, medical certificate)

Create custom fields for records to track additional information
View qualification status icons
Define & track career development path
Audit trail of changes made to records
Auto notifications for expiring records

Electronic Forms & Grading

Pro Pro+ Premium
Manage forms for grading & data collection
Use different grade scales on different gradesheets
Set default values for form fields
Print out gradesheets for individual training events or for individual trainees
Customizable reason codes & comments for grading
Populate resource & training event information on form based on scheduling data
Create form templates
Design & edit forms (or gradesheets) w/ FormBuilder
Feedback forms

(including anonymous feedback option)

Product/Curriculum Management

Pro Pro+ Premium
Manage catalog of training curriculums (products)
Manage all kinds of training curriculums

(e.g. initial, recurrent, conversion & upgrade training)

Name curriculum components in accordance w/ requirements
Design & view curriculum schedule in graphical display
Curriculum revision control w/ effective dates & revision status

(under construction, published, archived)

Create custom fields for curriculum(s) to track additional information
Link resource & requirements to curriculum components
Define specific roles & quantity required for curriculum events
Define continuity & discontinuity constraints on resource requirements

(eg. same instructor for all days of a training)

Attach forms, gradesheets & certificates
Use different gradesheet templates &/or grade scales in different curriculum
Maintain links to CBT/WBT / e-Learning content handled by LMS

*only w/ LMS Add-On

Scheduling & Optimization

Pro Pro+ Premium
Display schedule by resource & event in Gantt chart
Custom-defined color scheme for projects & events
Maintain all kinds of events for all resources

(e.g. duty or non-duty/leave absences)

Automatically assign resources to scheduled events observing all requirements, availability & workrule constraints
Balance workload of resources during automatic scheduling

(or vice versa)

Schedule resources automatically based on cost
Manually schedule & reschedule events
Ensure only qualified resources are assigned to training events
Prevent scheduling unavailable & unqualified resources
Manually assign resources to events via drag & drop
Manage resource substitutes & seat support requirements
Schedule on-site & off-site resources
Override any component of curriculum in scheduled event

(e.g. event duration, sequence, resource requirements)

Manage scheduling demand based on volume or due dates
What-if shedules for long term planning
Create custom fields to track additional information


Pro Pro+ Premium
Define multiple workrule-sets governing the scheduling for different groups
Respect work rules during automatic generation of schedules
Calculate & display warning status for work rule violations
Override work rules
Create/manage workrule-sets


Pro Pro+ Premium
Generate & print certificates
Configurable certificate template design
Store scanned copy of certificate w/ information

(e.g. training event, participant information, date of publication)

Design certificates w/ design tool
Create/manage certificate templates

Reporting & Dashboards

Pro Pro+ Premium
Execute custom reports
Dashboard w/ real-time activity
Display results in textual & graphical/chart format
View reports online, print & export to various formats

(e.g. html, pdf, xls, & more)

Create reports w/ ReportBuilder
Store reports as templates
Define reports for private or public use
Access Queries & Table Reports

Notifications & WORKFLOWS

Pro Pro+ Premium
Create, receive, send, & forward notifications to other system users
Send reports by notification/email

(e.g. triggered by menu Items, system or timer events)

Notifications distributed based on certain events/actions being performed in the system
Utilize notification actions, storage actions, & report actions in the action library
Custom event handlers
Access event library including selected UI & API events, menu items, system events, timer events & custom events
Forward MINT notifications to external e-mail account
Configure custom workflows


Pro Pro+ Premium
Create & edit custom fields for different entities
Customize screen layout w/ company logo
Display company specific messages on home screen

User Management / System Administration

Pro Pro+ Premium
Create/manage users & user groups
Set permissions & restrictions for users/user groups
Create System Administrators that have unrestricted access to all system components

(can log in as any other user and delete permissions to users)

Limit number of unsuccessful login attempts
Importer tool

Cost Management

Pro Pro+ Premium
Define Cost per Hour for resources
Schedule based on resource cost
View total cost for all resources assigned to a project
Manage costs & time needed for traveling between locations

Establish/manage prices for training courses for different organizations
Create training agreements for customers

(e.g. enlist all the prices per course or project for a resource or multiple resources)

Custom reports w/ ReportBuilder to evaluate data associated to cost

(e.g. enlist all the prices per course or project for a resource or multiple resources)

Mobile Access

Pro Pro+ Premium
Search for resources & display information
Add events & activities on own schedule
View schedule & events for daily, weekly, & monthly periods
View detailed event information

(date, time, location, classroom, assignments, & more)

Access, review & print own reports & certifications
Read & sign workflow for distribution of information
Access ad-hoc &/or schedule-driven forms, gradesheets & certificates
Data entry on form/grade sheet via web & mobile device, in online or offline mode
Search & view custom-defined reports
Download reports in various file formats

(e.g. html, pdf, xls, & more)

Customize screen layout w/ company logo & theme layout w/ custom colors & fonts
Include custom links
Forward MINT notifications to email
Save user-specific favorite views
Launch computer-based training w/ LMS Add-On
myMINT App

(supported on iOS & Android devices)

Add-Ons & Storage

Pro Pro+ Premium
Identity Management (SSO)
Learning Management System
Sabre Connector
FAA Report
Custom Add-On
Test Environment



Integration Capabilities
FTP File Storage

10 GB


50 GB


1 TB


Jupyter Notebook Add-On

MINT Support

Pro Pro+ Premium
Customer knowledge base / Wiki

(e.g. licenses, positions, certificates, medicals and any kind of skill or competency for any human or physical resource)

System manual
Free tutorials
Technical Support (ticketing system)
Bug fixes & performance improvements
Early access to new versions/features





Phone support

Nominated user(s), up to 2 hours* per month, measured in 10min blocks. Available 17 hours per day, excl. weekends & public holidays

MINT User Conference Tickets

Subject to change

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