New Version Release 13.3

At MINT, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and the user experience. By upgrading to version 13.3, users get significant new features and enhancements related to scheduling, permissions, event handlers, reports, and other application sections, which can make your performance even more effective. Some highlights of the latest release include:

Additional warning statuses used to filter projects and requests, including: Unavailable Assignment, Unqualified Assignment, and Missing Assignments. This allows the user to filter by the resource availability or qualification, or search for the projects or requests that have slot groups with the defined eligibility and miss required resource assignments.

ReportBuilder capabilities have been expanded. You can now generate different kinds of reports depending on your needs with the help of new query objects, including Request Assignment Warnings and Request Slot Group Warnings.

  • Request Assignment Warnings allows users to generate a report on unavailable and/or unqualified resources assigned to a current or future project.
  • Request Slot Group Warnings allows users to identify the projects with the unfilled slot groups that miss the resource assignments required due to the defined eligibility.

Permissions to Manage Properties have been added to allow non-admin users access to edit properties.

Scheduling Permissions Improvements to allow permissions to be set for managing slot groups/assignments as well as considering Scheduling Permissions when editing events within the Project Dialog via drag ‘n drop. Scheduling permissions may also be set to allow deleting, copying, cancelling and creating events.

Request Timeout for HTTP actions option has been added to event handler as 2 new properties. Request Timeout and Fail On Timeout properties now allow more control over when a HTTP request will timeout.

Email Engine Improvements to support TLS/StartTLS. This allows users to send mails from their own instead of 

Action Manager: Date Utilities This new server side action allows the user to provide current date/time as output properties, so that we no longer have to create SQL query actions to get those dates (Today, Now, First day of current month, Last day of current month, First day of next month, Last day of next month).

This new version release is available to all of MINT customers. MINT Admin users can contact our Tech Support team to schedule an update. We encourage all MINT Admin users to check out the full release notes in our Customer Knowledge Base (only accessible by MINT Admins) or the “What’s New” section of the MINT WebAssistant manual after upgrading to learn more about the new features in version 13.3.