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New MINT Features in Versions 14.4 to 2023.4


Start time: Tuesday, August 22nd, 13:00 UTC

Duration: 1-hour

Featured Speakers: Wolfgang Becker, Nicholas Denton, and Marianne O’Connor

Customer Service Excellence Team & Product Management Team

Join Wolfgang Becker, Nicholas Denton, and Marianne O’Connor in our free MINTinar as they showcase MINT’s new versioning, new scheduling, and event handler features from MINT 14.4 to 2023.4.

In this MINTinar you will learn:

  • New MINT Versioning:
    • MINT’s Product Manager will explain our new Product Versioning and Release Cycles
  • Scheduling:
    • Using the new Period Tree option you can create custom periods of time, which will appear on the Gantt (v. 14.4)
    • The new Optional Slot Group property can be set to zero and enabled when needed (v. 2023.1)
    • Filtering in the slot group pane just got easier with the new Slot Group Type filter (v. 2023.2)
    • Save time with the new Bulk Delete slot groups function (v. 2023.3)
    • Undo unwanted project cancelation with one click using the Undo Cancel Project option (v. 2023.4)
  • Event Handlers:
    • The new Loop Action can iterate over multiple items and perform repetitive actions for individual objects (v. 14.4)

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