Open Course Registration

Upcoming Open Course Events: MINT ReportBuilder Session 1 (Basic) and MINT ReportBuilder Session 2 (Advanced)


Start time (session 1): Wednesday, June 15th, 13:00 UTC

Duration: 2-hours

Start time (session 2): Thursday, June 16th, 13:00 UTC

Duration: 2-hours

Instructor: Christoph Holst

Customer Service Excellence Team

Join Christoph in our free open course as he showcases the MINT ReportBuilder.

Basic ReportBuilder session will cover:

  • The Reports page

    • Tree structure, reports, and report revisions

  • Query basics (MINT Objects)

    • Select statement

    • Simple conditions

    • Sorting of data

    • Parameters

Advanced ReportBuilder session will cover:

  • Advanced ReportBuilder features
    • Create and send notifications (messages)
    • Prepare data to feed interfaces to other systems
  • Building efficient reports

Course participation is limited, so registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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