MINT News February 2022

We’re excited to share some of our February MINT News with you! Read below to find out more.

#TipTuesday: Use File Properties Instead of URLs in Workflows

Did you know you can use file properties to allow users to view/download files through workflows (14.1+)? With this feature, users can download files like PDFs directly instead of through a URL.

#FeatureFriday: QR Code Add-On

In this video, you will learn how to generate a QR code that can be used as an image URL in the FormBuilder or ReportBuilder.

Bonus Video: Allow Multiple Parallel Events for a Resource

In this video, you will learn how to configure the system to assign a resource (e.g. a building) to multiple, parallel events.

Coming Soon: MINT TMS Version 14.2

The new version of MINT TMS is on the way! In addition to the general performance and security improvements, this release introduces features that we know you’ll love. We can’t wait to show you version 14.2, so here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming soon:

  • Viewing and filtering multiple resource record item statuses (Ok, Warning, etc.) from the Resource pane 
  • Expanding our FTP functionality with the addition of five event handler actions: FTP Connect, FTP Disconnect, FTP Upload File, and FTP Get File Listing
  • Setting passwords to change and expire for administrators
  • Forcing users to change their password when next logging into one of the MINT applications
  • Accessing a user-friendly email engine configuration page in MINT TMS Web
  • Utilizing OAuth (a more secure authentication) with the Calendar Sync add-on
  • Creating advanced currency with the Currency Scripting add-on

Keep an eye on your email inbox in March for more details.