How to Convince Your Boss to Join MINT UCON 2023 

So you want to go to MINT UCON 2023 and must convince your boss to send you? We’ve got you covered. Presenting the business case to your boss is easy.

MINT TMS is the global leader in Aviation Training Management Systems. Taking place every other year, MINT UCON is the perfect opportunity to learn new features and discover breakthrough solutions and best practices for your business. UCON is the best tool for hands-on learning, peer-to-peer discussions, and invaluable networking.

Here are three simple steps to help you communicate the value of MINT UCON and explain how your attendance will drive success and innovation in your company.

Step 1: Outline the benefits

One of the best things about MINT UCON  is that it’s an opportunity to boost your career while delivering real business value. If your boss can see how this event will impact you individually; great! But if they can also see how this event will benefit the company, even better.

To begin, outline how MINT UCON 2023 will help you and your company grow. Try answering these questions:

  • How will this event positively affect a project or initiative you’re working on?
  • How will this event positively affect an initiative that’s planned for the upcoming year?
  • Consider this information from previous UCON event attendees:
    • 87% learned something that helped accelerate business growth
    • 89% saved time by learning something that created efficiencies in their business
    • 86% solved business challenges with something they learned at UCON

Step 2: Be prepared to offer details

Your boss is far more likely to sign off and send you to MINT UCON 2023 if you present your reasoning with all the relevant details. The more details you can provide, the better. Emphasize that UCON 2023 registration fees cover accommodation and all meals while you attend, which in years past was part of your travel budget.

The Premium package (5 days/4 nights) represents staying for all of UCON and leaving the afternoon/evening the conference ends. For customers that want to leave the next day or have a long way to travel home, you can book for 6 days/5 nights.

* All fees are subject to VAT for German customers only

 So we recommend sharing a breakdown of costs and the offset of onsite workshop training value using the following example.

For example, Premium Complete with workshop 6 days/5 nights registered before April 15th.

The values proposition leaves no doubt – your boss can’t afford not to send you 😊

 Airfare will certainly not change the positive net value of your attending MINT UCON 2023.

Step 3: Present the information 

Now that you’ve outlined the business value, we recommend using this handy template to get all the relevant info in one place so you can easily present it to your boss.

On behalf of the MINT family, we hope to see you at UCON 2023! Once you get the green light to attend, be sure to register.