Scheduling & Optimization

Paper free and Excel free

A lot of the magic of MINT TMS lies in its unique scheduling capabilities. Planning tasks that used to take days or even weeks on paper (or Excel), can be accomplished with MINT with some mouse clicks within a few minutes.

With the MINT Training Management System,  you can …

  • Create and manage all kinds of training curriculums (e.g. initial, recurrent, conversion and upgrade training, as well as any other training curriculum)
  • Design and view curriculum schedules in a graphical display
  • Create unlimited number of custom fields for curricula to track additional information
  • Maintain training curriculum revisions with effective dates and status (under construction, published, archived)
  • Automatically schedule training while observing all qualification, availability and work rule constraints
  • Schedule long term with a system that has no limit on how far into the future you can go
  • Balance workload of resources within automatic allocation
  • Filter through the Gantt scheduling chart by day, week, month or year for any trainer, trainee, device or event
  • Manually schedule and manage resource assignments through drag-and-drop
  • Use custom-defined color schemes
  • Maintain all kinds of duty or non-duty/leave absences for your human & physical resources
  • Manage and schedule on-site and off-site training resources


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