Qualification Management

Simple and secure

With MINT TMS, paper-free qualification data storage becomes a reality. MINT keeps all records and related documents accessible and editable at any time.

With the MINT Training Management System, you can …

  • Track and manage qualifications, licenses, positions, certificates, medicals and any kind of skill and competency of human resources
  • Easily maintain a full history of all records
  • Configure rules for recurrent training and continuation training with flexible configuration options for offset periods, cycles, early grace, late grace
  • Attach scanned documents for trainer and trainee records (e.g. license, medical certificate, etc.)
  • Create alerts for qualification expiries by visual indicator and automatic system notification (including escalation notifications)
  • Maintain an audit trail of changes made to records
  • Define and track development paths
  • Create an unlimited number of custom fields to track additional information. MINT adapts to your individual requirements with its unique property management capabilities

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