Identity Management

External authentication

The MINT Identity Management Add-On makes life a lot easier. It’s all about remembering fewer passwords and reducing help desk costs while not compromising security. Three concepts are supported by MINT’s Identity Management Add-On:

  1. SAML 2.0: You log in with your Identity Provider (IdP) and are able to automatically authenticate and log in to the MINT system via XML-based protocol that uses security tokens containing assertions to pass information.
  2. LDAP: Passwords you type are validated against your personal pool of credentials. It is possible to use one and the same password for all applications.
  3. Kerberos: You log in with your system password and automatically gain access to the programs you need to work with. As you do not need to type your credentials again, this is also known as Single Sign-On (SSO).

Key benefits

  • It provides users with the convenience of having to remember only a single set of credentials to access multiple applications. It saves time and the so-called password-fatigue is prevented.

  • Users select stronger passwords, since the need for different passwords and change synchronization is avoided.

  • Dramatically reducing IT costs due to lower number of IT help desk calls about forgotten passwords.

  • Security is improved – users find it easier to remember their credentials and do not write them down.

  • Security on all levels of entry/exit/access to systems is guaranteed without the inconvenience of re-prompting users

  • Inactivity timeout and attempt thresholds are applied uniformly.

  • Significantly improving the effectiveness/timelines of disabling all network computer accounts for terminated users.

  • It improves an administrator’s ability to manage users and user configurations.

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