Coronavirus preparedness at MINT

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak spreading, MINT is taking every precaution to ensure the health of our team members, customers, partners, and the community we serve and live in. As always, safety is our first priority.

Our pandemic plan called for a phased approach consistent with guidelines recommended by the German Federal Ministry of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control which include assessing an incident and then containing and mitigating risk. Our response team, after monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis, implemented actions in accordance with our plan.

All MINT services are still operational. As a precautionary measure, to take steps toward that safety, all MINT team members are working remotely and have been advised to be diligent about their hygiene to help prevent illness. We have also suspended all travel to keep our employees, customers, and community safe.

Though our operation has been isolated, our customers have not been without support. The MINT team will continue to perform all day-to-day duties remotely, and MINT will continue to support our customers as best we can through this trying time in the aviation industry.

Steps MINT is taking to assure service continuity:

  • Entrance restrictions: We have made our facilities and data centers off-limits to individuals who have a fever or other flu symptoms.
  • Public guidance and requirements: We adhere to the requirements and recommendations of government agencies and cooperate with landlord requirements to control the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Continued monitoring: We will implement additional control measures as events unfold. Should an outbreak hotspot develop around an office location or data center, we will take additional precautions.
  • Remote Work: All MINT Team Members are working remotely until it is safe to return to the office.
  • Critical Vendors: We have engaged critical vendors and partners to ensure that they have been implementing safeguards to ensure business-continuity. Both of our close partners, Mayasoft and Eleks, are working remotely as well.

We are monitoring the situation and implementing procedures found to be successful in preserving business continuity. If you have any questions about our response to the Coronavirus outbreak, please contact your Key Account or the MINT Team.

In this unprecedented global crisis, for us, the call to stand together to overcome is more than a slogan; it is part of the culture we live. Though it is paradoxical, as we combat this pandemic by practicing social distancing, we need to do the exact opposite on the operational and economic front by closely collaborating internally and with our partners.