Coptersafety Enhances Training Workflow with MINT TMS

Company Profile

Coptersafety is an Aviation Training Organization (ATO) founded in 2014  and certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part-142. Coptersafety provides unparalleled helicopter simulator training in a unique Nordic setting. Their modern facility, designed to offer best-in-class training services outside Helsinki’s International Airport, is home to top-class training devices for H125, H145, AW139, and AW169 helicopters. A specialty of Coptersafety is the reconstruction of scenarios and landscapes on a customer-specific basis, ranging from a highway accident in Boston to an oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Image © Coptersafety


Coptersafety’s success and growth in the marketplace made it difficult for the team to manage their various training products, plan and schedule training sessions, and keep track of accounting. To address this issue, they needed a comprehensive Training Management System that would meet their business needs.

Coptersafety serves customers from many different continents and countries, which means that their training records and regulatory requirements are diverse. While the basic rules are similar, the challenges lie in the details, especially when it comes to check flights and the stringent qualifications required for examiners.

To alleviate the manual compiling, checking, and validating of training requirements and instructor qualifications, a Training Management Solution was needed. Instructors also faced the challenge of manually reviewing, evaluating, and modifying training records to meet the requirements of the respective authority.

The system they were looking for needed to cover specific regulatory requirements and also support other business processes like invoicing and data transfer to Power BI, a tool used to analyze training progress. This comprehensive solution would also help reduce error-prone processes across all business aspects, including planning, scheduling, accounting, and invoicing, enabling them to keep pace with their tremendous growth.


Coptersafety chose MINT TMS in December 2019 after evaluating its flexibility and configuration, based on feedback from Finnair. MINT’s configurable options and powerful tools reduce manual workload in training planning and qualification management. Features include electronic grade sheets and an auto-scheduling tool. Despite COVID-related challenges, Coptersafety focused on implementing MINT TMS remotely to gain a competitive edge post-crisis. Business processes were analyzed, modeled, and gradually introduced to maintain flexibility and facilitate end-user growth with the new system.

  • Flexibility and configuration
  • Reduction of manual workload in training planning and qualification management
  • Electronic grade sheets for valuable training data collection
  • Scheduling suite with easily configurable auto-scheduling tool
  • Digitization of data collection, scheduling of training events, management of qualifications, and more


Coptersafety implemented MINT TMS for its flexibility and configuration, which reduced manual workload in training planning and qualification management. The system includes electronic grade sheets for valuable data collection and a scheduling suite with an easily configurable auto-scheduling tool. It digitizes data collection, scheduling of training events, and management of qualifications. Instructors use the MINT WebPortal and Mobile application to access real-time course information, reducing manual workload. Qualifications are monitored in MINT, with automatic email notifications for validation expiry. Billing processes are automated, resulting in significant work and cost savings. Custom adaptations of reports, forms, and workflows have further streamlined operations, reducing errors. Regulators have shown interest in digitizing processes, eliminating the need for paper copies.

“In addition, the customization of MINT TMS workflows and reports enabled us to reduce the time reconciling the month-end training schedule from days to a few hours, which eased the workload on accounting and significantly reduced invoicing delays.”

Krista Soini

Coptersafety’s ATO Administrator

To sum up, Krista expressed, “MINT’s flexibility and configurability have greatly enhanced our operational effectiveness and efficiency, allowing us to provide better service to our customers. This has helped us create more value for our customers and gain a competitive edge in the market.”