Breeze goes live with MINT LMS upon completion of Phase 1

The Breeze Project began at the end of February with an expedited Phase 1 plan spanning across the month of March. During this Phase, Breeze and Key Account new comer, Kenneth, were able to create an entire Pilot’s initial hire training course with the goal of having a complete FAA Approved Training History Report. Not only were they able to achieve this milestone, but they were also able to go live with training their trainee’s via the MINT LMS. All the work done in a month is a true achievement. A big thumbs up to all involved in reaching this, especially all the effort from the Key Account and Support/Ops team. Juan Gomez has been added to support Kenneth with Phase 2, which begins at the end of April, 2020. Breeze plans on going Live with MINT by the end of the year.