Breeze Airways selects MINT TMS

Breeze Airways becomes MINT’s newest (and most recently founded) customer. Brand new, Breeze was only founded by David Neeleman (founder of JetBlue and Azul, which are also MINT customers) back in June 2018. Commencing operations in 2020, they hope to launch their first flight by the end of this year.

Breeze Airways plans to fly between markets that they consider to be underserved. These include: flying into & out of secondary airports in underserved regions and mid-size cities with no current nonstop flights. Their goal is to be, as Neeleman puts it, “the world’s nicest airline.”

Unlike some of our other customers, Breeze will start out with MINT as its first training management tool. The airline will use MINT for record-keeping, scheduling, reporting & analysis, and much more.

We’re excited to welcome Breeze to the MINT family with open arms and to help their company take-off!

Full press release coming soon.