Workflows & Notifications

Process and communication control

While using MINT TMS, various events may require follow-up actions. For example, after you create a new resource record, an e-mail notification should be sent to this resource. Or, on the last day of each month, the resource is required to generate a certain report. Thus, to reduce the amount of manual work and automate system processes, MINT TMS has Event Handlers that can be configured to manage your workflows and notifications. With Event Handlers, you can easily monitor occurrence of a particular event and define the follow-up the actions. Every time an event handler detects an event associated with a particular user account, it automatically invokes certain actions and controls their sequence.Additionally, MINT provides flexible notification functionality to instantly inform users about their account events, such as password expiration, qualification expiries, as well as training events and assignments.

With the MINT Training Management System, you can …

  • Utilize notification actions, storage actions, and report actions in the action library
  • Access an event library including selected UI and API events, customer-configured menu items, system events, timer events and custom events.
  • Configure custom event handlers to be triggered by an event from the event library and processing multiple actions from the action library
  • Configure automatic notifications to be distributed based on certain events/actions being performed in the system
  • Use read and sign workflows to distribute information
  • Allow users to create, receive, forward, and send notifications to other system users
  • Forward internal MINT notifications to an external e-mail account

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