User Management & Security

Manage access and permissions

MINT TMS offers a comprehensive user management system with role-based data access configuration. You can create users and user groups and manage permissions at user and user group level. The management of users by means of user groups is convenient for large organizations as it allows assigning system permissions in one bulk instead of configuring them for each user separately. 

With the MINT Training Management System, you can …

  • Create role-based access where each user can be a member of one or more group and all members of the same group have the same permissions and restrictions
  • Create System Administrators that have unrestricted access to all system components and data, ability to login as any other user, and delegate the permissions of one user to another user
  • Limit the number of unsuccessful login attempts (configurable by administrator)
  • Define at which tree node a user or user group is allowed to just read, create, edit, or delete tree nodes or entities below a tree node

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