Connect MINT to your external systems

MINT TMS offers a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to integrate external systems and which is also used internally by its own modules. The API can be accessed via Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) or Web Services. Use of the API requires clients to first authenticate. The API only returns data for which the client user has appropriate permissions. The connection to the API can be encrypted (using TCP/IP and SSL). This Access Control Policy applies for external applications same as for MINT TMS. The API is fully supported using either access method. However, different advantages and disadvantages apply. The choice is usually dictated by corporate security guidelines and network structure, performance requirements and application programming languages.

The API is divided into an external (or public) portion, and an internal (or private) portion. Both may be accessed from client applications. However, only the external API is guaranteed to be stable and will be supported. The internal API may change without notice and there may be no documentation available. Therefore applications should be restricted to the external API.

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